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Bad Taste

by Mournful Cries

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Heddbuzz (I.R. Puffinstuff)
Heddbuzz (I.R. Puffinstuff) thumbnail
Heddbuzz (I.R. Puffinstuff) Sabbath worship. Download code redoomed long after getting the cassette tape version and adding patch to the battle jacket. Favorite track: Sea of Trees.
Keyzer Röger
Keyzer Röger thumbnail
Keyzer Röger Absolutely killer doom. A must have. Favorite track: Evil Confessor.
Fuzzy Cracklins
Fuzzy Cracklins thumbnail
Fuzzy Cracklins What Andy said. My review is at www.fuzzycracklins.com/2019/09/mournful-cries.html Favorite track: Angelic Envy.
paul rote
paul rote thumbnail
paul rote Bad tasting doom ! Doesn’t sound nothing like Mournful Cries . Yet there’s something about this that works 👍 Favorite track: Witches' Herbs.
Saffron Robe
Saffron Robe thumbnail
Saffron Robe It’s as if Saint Vitus released an album called “Bad Taste”, albeit a little more turbo-charged! Favorite track: Sinner's Pyre.
Rob Hammer
Rob Hammer thumbnail
Rob Hammer one of 2019's better albums!!!
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Sea of Trees 04:20
Obsessions with the mossy altar No doubts against my herbal faith These plants have healed my pain with laughter Euphoric leaves condemn my hate Green souls are harvested On the day of the sabbath
Macabre impressions Branding a lesson of aggressive intentions Paranoia Invention Abhorring Attention Paranoia Invention Exploiting obsessions Tormentful agony Regretful sympathy Suffering infinitely Hate disbanding unity Amalgamation of immunity Melting tranquility Haunting catastrophe I can't turn back now Blind faith in culture Should be a sin Dismissed emotion Trembles within Useless apologies Hallow out the tomb Wasted opportunities Follow the hand of Doom
Your sins are catching up to you as you're burning in the fire Justice wasn't what I was after Your flesh I strongly desire Hold them down and watch them drown for the their blasphemies against the church Ignore their pleas and laugh at their screams as I rid them of this curse He's your confessor now (Yeah) Evil Confessor He's your confessor now (Yeah) Evil Confessor Your trial is over You've died in vain All the villagers are plagued and you are to blame Executioner carves your name in the grave to avenge all the souls your hexes have claimed (Yeah) He's your Possessor now (Yeah) Evil Confessor He's your confessor now (Oh yeah) Evil Confessor (Yeah) (Alright now) (Yeah) Won't ya listen! I am the ripper Melancholy differ Call me the reaper Misguided by reefer Many months have passed since your demise But I still feel your omnipresent eyes Your haunting silhouette shivering down my spine This wicked curse is for my wicked crimes Never thought that I could die a thousand times I've been drugged to hell in my own mind With my willing karma, my soul will bind In the after life, it's peace that I will not find
Angelic Envy 05:02
Looking down at their annoying existence Stupid young souls with rotting morals and endless resistance Condemned to a lifetime of jealousy Forsaken me to heresy and tempting behaviors Angels envious of the liberties of man
We're dying and it feels so good to know you understood, that happy endings only happen to fools who follow misguided rules The witchcraft that was used My mind has been abused Your evil ways amused and now you stand accused of casting spells on everyone in the land Wicked ways, that I'll never understand Never thought I'd have to burn you down, just thought I'd keep you around The witchcraft that was used My mind has been abused Your evil ways amused and now you stand accused
Bad Taste 06:47
Blasphemous worship Heavenly Sins Horrors awoken Immoral pleasures within Don't hate me for my bad taste
Disintegration of mind and sanity Slowing eroding my pride with endless misery Losing focus on finding what life means to me Reclused to nature in hopes of escaping suffering The Witches Curse Drags me in with a veil of sin and clouds of smoke Appears before me what seems to be a mystic nymph Drags me back to her lair A dank haze lies within Bottles of brews and viles of potions Mysterious vases conjuring clouds of distortion Enough hashes and oil to blaze the ocean Throwing away the unpleasant emotion I've watched the world and it's corrosion The spell on earth remains unbroken The sins of others stay unspoken Only the chosen ones, she has awoken Elevating my consciousness I soar through the nimbus clouds Leaving back my debts to society Leaving back all my anxiety


released July 27, 2019

Riff Finder/Vox: Luis Olguin
Bass Wizard: Matt Lasserre
Assault and Battery: Alex Hernandez
Recorded at Loud and Clear in Cotati, Ca
Engineering, Mixing, and Mastering by Nick Botelho at NB recording
Art by Brouemaster Visual Decay

All music written and performed by Mournful Cries


all rights reserved



Mournful Cries Santa Rosa, California

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